Wind+Storage Made Easy

XANT turbines now available with integrated battery pack

XANT introduces a revolutionary wind+storage solution. All XANT wind turbines are now available with an integrated battery system. Batteries will be of the Li-Ion technology type ensuring the maximum energy density at the lowest footprint. The XANT Energy Storage Unit (ESU) will be seamlessly integrated into the XANT AC-DC-AC power-electronic converter without any additional complexity or the need for extra conversion stages. The ESU will come with its integrated Battery Management System (BMS) ensuring safe operation of the battery pack at all times.

Storage with the S of Smart (and Smoothening, Shaving, Stand-alone, Spinning and Shifting!)

A XANT wind turbine with integrated storage enables a whole myriad of functions that turn your asset into a smart device that continuously and autonomously can optimize your revenue stream. Some examples of how a XANT ESU can outsmart your utility bill:

  • By time-shifting the delivery of electricity produced by the turbine, the XANT ESU can maximize your on-site consumption and further reduce your energy costs. A smart algorithm can take into account the current and future (based on load pattern statistics) electricity consumption and make sure all kWh’s are used behind the meter.
  • The XANT ESU can be programmed to shave off the peaks of your electricity demand, thereby reducing the fraction of your utility bill related to capacity tariffs.
  • In a worst-case scenario of a grid-outage, a XANT wind turbine with an integrated ESU unit can deliver back-up power to power critical loads of your farm or plant.
  • In micro-grids or off-grid systems, the XANT wind turbines can help stabilize the grid by acting as spinning reserve keeping the grid frequency in check.
  • Obviously, grid voltage stabilization is also possible by making the grid-side converter act as a STATCOM (static synchronous compensator).

The integrated storage unit can convert your XANT wind turbine in an even smarter asset and can increase your possible revenue streams: peer-to-peer trading of electricity, EV-charging, offering balancing services on the spot-market via an access-responsible party… Being able to decide WHEN electricity is delivered opens up a wide range of business opportunities.

Obviously in an off-grid, the integrated storage enables a higher penetration degree of wind power on the micro-grid.  Finally, stand-alone applications such as water-pumping or desalination, or now possible without any additional power source such as a genset.  The exact size of the energy storage unit for your needs can be fine-tuned in collaboration with the XANT engineers. XANT now offers the EUS in 50kWh modules up to 300kWh.

No additional complexity

The real kicker is that all these possibilities come without additional complexity! The integrated Energy Storage Unit capitalizes on the power-electronics and control systems already integrated into the XANT turbines. The battery pack is directly connected without the need for an additional power-conversion stage. The control algorithms are simply integrated into the existing microcontroller. Even retrofit installations in the future, when battery prices will have dropped even further, are thus possible.

At XANT we believe storage is the real game-changer for renewables: we are at the forefront of integrating this into our products. We’d love to hear more about your wind+storage application.


About XANT:

XANT is a manufacturer of midsize (50…500kW) turbines for the microgrid and off-grid markets. XANT turbines are designed with microgrid applications in mind and a with a special focus on remote areas and harsh operating conditions. They have Just Enough Essential Parts (JEEP!), fit in 40ft containers and can be erected without a crane. For deployment in typhoon-prone areas the turbines can be lowered to the ground, also facilitating the maintenance. XANT turbines have the capability of active power curtailment and can be equipped with integrated energy storage to allow for a high penetration rate.

The extreme simplicity, easy maintenance, silent operation and low cost of ownership make XANT turbines ideally suited for wind power on remote locations and close to the consumer.  The XANT product portfolio consist of the XANT M (100kW) and the XANT L (330kW) – commercially available in 2019- platforms. Both turbine types exist in class Ia (average wind speeds up to 10m/s) and class IIIa (7.5m/s) executions; for extremely cold areas ETR (Extended Temperature Range) versions are available.