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The XANT M design has been reviewed by DNV-GL in 2011 and a more detailed assessment has been performed by Tüv-Süd in 2017. Power curve and acoustic noise production have been verified by accredited bodies.

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XANT turbines have no components requiring a lot of maintenance (gearbox, pitch system). More complex components such as the converter and control system are easily accessible at ground level. In the case of a tilt-up tower,all maintenance operations can be done on-ground.

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XANT wind turbines offer a high reliability where it matters most: in remote locations with difficult access and thus lengthy and costly repairs. The most failure-prone parts have been eliminated ensuring maximum availability at minimum cost.

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XANT turbines offer the features microgrids are made of: local voltage management by reactive power control, fast curtailment for rapid frequency response,integrated storage for maximum resilience, power forecasting for smart dispatching. In addition, XANT turbines speak multiple (control) languages and give full operational insight to the microgrid operator.

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XANT wind turbines have little respect for engineering conventions. Our turbine blades go beyond stall-as-usual thanks to their aeroelastically-tailored geometry. This reduces mechanical loads during storms while maintaining optimum efficiency in low and moderate wind speeds.

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Why should turbines be white? XANT turbines blend in with the landscape or become your revenue-generating marketing tool. Create a beacon of your sustainability ambition by rebranding our turbines in your corporate colors.


Latest news

REIDS The Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is leading the Renewable Energy Integration Demonstrator – Singapore (REIDS) project, which will be the largest hybrid microgrid test and research platform in the tropics. XANT was selected by ENGIE Lab, one of REIDS’ partners, to supply a XANT M turbine with tilt-up tower for the Phase 1 of[…]

A few decades ago the rural electrification market was caught in a Catch-22: those with the need (for clean affordable electricity) did not have the money to pay for it, those with the money don’t want to invest in the technology, and those with the technology did not have access to those who have the[…]

Introduction The location is an island in the Atlantic Ocean and one of the more remote places on this earth. The local utility company has put out an RFP for the installation and operation of renewable power plants on the island grid. Applicants should act as Independent Power Producers (IPP) and propose a Power Purchase[…]

XANT turbines are conceived for operation in small grids. Whether called micro-grids, island grids or even off-grid, the smaller the grid the bigger the challenge to balance consumption and generation of electricity!  This is conflicting with the increasing use of renewables to power these grids. XANT turbines address this challenge without the need for adding[…]

Continued improvement in a joint effort with our component suppliers has led to significant production cost reduction of the XANT M platform. Further integration of functions, reduction of the number of bolted interfaces, de-featuring of the first generation XANT M to the essentials have made it possible to generate electricity at a Levelized Cost of[…]

When Mike Stuart decided to invest in his own on-site electricity production, XANT was the obvious choice: the strong winds in the northern tip of Scotland ask for a robust class IA turbine. Gales, often combined with heavy rains, cold spells with snowdrift: the XANT M is being put to a strenuous test.  But when[…]

The village of Pilot Point (AK, USA) has been relying upon diesel fuel for its electricity production consuming almost 1,000 barrels (120,000l) of oil per year. Average residential electricity tariffs are in the 0.35$/kWh range. Intelligent Energy Systems together with XANT will convert the existing electricity supply of the village into a hybrid system running[…]

XANT is proud to announce the shipment of another containerized XANT M turbine: a XANT M with tilt-up tower is on its way to Singapore. XANT has been selected by ENGIE Lab to provide a XANT M for their microgrid as part of the Renewable Energy Integration Demonstrator-Singapore (REIDS) project. The REIDS project, an initiative[…]

2016 has been a measly wind year: the annual wind index showed a 20% below-long-term-average value. The XANT M at the DEME Group headquarters in Zwijndrecht (BELGIUM) has made the most of it though. At an average wind speed of only 4.5m/s the turbine produced over 183MWh since its installation. At 98% availability, the XANT[…]

To exploit the full potential of midsize wind, projects need the leverage of debt financing: the sector needs to get banks in on the game to play it right! Bankability of midsize wind has always been an issue with very little technology approved by accredited bodies. XANT addresses this by subjecting the XANT M to[…]

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