XANT bankable technology to ease project finance

XANT M getting the TÜV-SÜD seal of approval

To exploit the full potential of midsize wind, projects need the leverage of debt financing: the sector needs to get banks in on the game to play it right! Bankability of midsize wind has always been an issue with very little technology approved by accredited bodies. XANT addresses this by subjecting the XANT M to an in-depth design review only 5 years after the prototype has been approved.
TÜV-SÜD is now performing a detailed design evaluation: all design documentation is being reviewed and load calculations assessed for compliance with the IEC 61400-1 guideline; this is the same guideline applicable for multi-MW wind turbines.
The XANT M design has undergone a previous assessment by DNV-GL back in 2011 facilitating the construction and testing of the first unit. Now this assessment was due for an update seen the improvements to the design and the extension of the product portfolio with different tower types. XANT selected TÜV-SUD as the certification body based on their large experience in wind turbine certification and their track-record in midsize wind. This seal of approval is another step towards full Type Certification of the XANT M and an investor-grade vote of confidence from a leading institute in turbine technology evaluation.