XANT M at DEME headquarters performing as predicted

Making the best out of low winds

2016 has been a measly wind year: the annual wind index showed a 20% below-long-term-average value. The XANT M at the DEME Group headquarters in Zwijndrecht (BELGIUM) has made the most of it though. At an average wind speed of only 4.5m/s the turbine produced over 183MWh since its installation. At 98% availability, the XANT M was ready to go, practically any time of the year.

To meet the ambitious target of an all-renewable microgrid powering the DEME headquarters, on-site wind power production, complementing the PV arrays on the offices’ roofs, was the way to go. DEME turned to XANT for a midsize turbine that could comply with the permitting constraints of the site. Bird migratory routes and foraging bats along the river Scheldt had to be considered when defining the exact location of the turbine and an avifauna monitoring campaign using wildlife cameras was set up. Thanks to the XANT Bat Mortality Mitigation system no bat collisions have been detected.

The XANT M at DEME was commissioned at the end of 2015 and has been in operation since. The technical availability of 98% for a first-generation product is a perfect illustration of the reliability-through-simplicity approach of XANT. Located only a few hundred meters away from the meeting rooms and very close to the main entrance gate, the turbine is a constant reminder of the company’s focus on sustainability for DEME co-workers, visitors and passers-by.