XANT M achieves grid parity

The XANT M delivers power at a cost below your utility tariff in 5.5m/s winds

Continued improvement in a joint effort with our component suppliers has led to significant production cost reduction of the XANT M platform. Further integration of functions, reduction of the number of bolted interfaces, de-featuring of the first generation XANT M to the essentials have made it possible to generate electricity at a Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) of 11EUR¢/kWh at moderate wind speeds. At windier sites the LCOE—which includes the capital, operating, and any financing costs of a XANT M wind turbine over a 20-year+ operating life— is as low as 6EUR¢/kWh.

When comparing these numbers with the average retail electricity tariffs for industrial consumers, grid parity is reached or even exceeded in most of the EU countries.

“A XANT M installed at a site with 6.5m/s wind speeds can deliver electricity at 8EUR¢/kWh and has a pay-back time of only 5 years. The resulting project IRR is over 22% and, when leveraging your investment with a 70% debt at an interest rate of 7%, a Return-on-Equity of over 30% is obtained.” comments Alexander Van Heuverswyn, Sales Director at XANT.

XANT wind turbines are designed for “behind the meter” electricity generation: the sharp decline in cost of renewable energy is your best hedge against rising utility rates. Large farms, industries, and community facilities such as the municipal pool can all benefit from an electricity bill reduction by investing in renewable, on-site power generation. Smart control of flexible demand, a combination of wind with solar and/ or storage can provide a production profile in sync with your consumption, maximizing your returns.

XANT M Levelized Cost of Energy for average wind speeds of 5.5….7.5m/s

About XANT:

XANT is a manufacturer of midsize (50…500kW) turbines for the growing microgrid and off-grid markets. XANT turbines have Just Enough Essential Parts (JEEP!), fit in 40ft containers and can be erected without a crane. Their extreme simplicity, easy maintenance, silent operation and low cost of ownership make them ideally suited for wind power on remote locations close to the consumer.