The moon never sets on a XANT turbine

Highly-accelerated stress testing with the world as our laboratory

Societal change as our most precious achievement

Triggered by the frustration of seeing too many hybrid-power projects fail because of inadequate technology, the XANT team set out to design robust wind turbines for the off-grid power market back in 2008.


We have come a long way since and XANT turbines have now spread across the globe.

We have shipped turbines to corners as remote and widespread as Alaska and Vanuatu now at every instant delivering that precious night-and-day-time power.

This clean, off-grid electricity is the motor for economic development and societal change. It’s what makes us tick at XANT and the achievement we’re most proud of.



The world is our oyster

Using the world as our lab, XANT has prepared for the most diverse and strenuous ambient conditions: extreme wind speeds of the Outer Hebrides in West Scotland, the hot and humid atmosphere of South-East Asia, the numbing cold of Alaska, the complicated logistics of the Pacific.

Thank you’s and resolutions

You, our clients and partners, not only wanted simpler wind turbines that could be erected anywhere. You also wanted power generation technology that could easily be integrated into micro-grids, is silent and elegant to blend-in with your corporate image and be installed close to sleeping neighbors. Each of your requests provided us with yet another opportunity to perfect our designs and we sincerely thank you for pushing the boundaries of our technology and the faith you put in us. A word of gratitude to our suppliers as well: thank you to walk-the-talk with XANT and deliver those essential robust components and to be quick and effective in tackling the numerous challenges we encountered together.
We look eagerly forward to 2018 where we will assemble and test the first XANT L unit, our 250-330kW platform, and a specific low-windspeed version of the XANT M. Also, the first installations with integrated storage are bound to go into the ground this year and we will demonstrate our DC-bus architecture with selected EPC partners.
Wishing you a windy and sunny 2018, the XANT team.

About XANT:

XANT is a manufacturer of midsize (50…500kW) turbines for the microgrid and off-grid markets. XANT turbines are designed with microgrid applications in mind and a with a special focus on remote areas and harsh operating conditions. They have Just Enough Essential Parts (JEEP!), fit in 40ft containers and can be erected without a crane. For deployment in typhoon-prone areas the turbines can be lowered to the ground, also facilitating the maintenance. XANT turbines have the capability of active power curtailment and can be equipped with integrated energy storage to allow for a high penetration rates.
The extreme simplicity, easy maintenance, silent operation and low cost of ownership make XANT turbines ideally suited for wind power on remote locations and close to the consumer.

The XANT product portfolio consist of the XANT M (100kW) and the XANT L (330kW) – commercially available in 2019- platforms. Both turbine types exist in class Ia (average wind speeds up to 10m/s) and class IIIa (7.5m/s) executions; for extremely cold areas the XANT M ETR (Extended Temperature Range) version is available.