XANT goes to Africa

XANT M turbines will power fishermen villages on the Mauritanian coast

XANT is very proud to announce we will deliver the XANT M wind turbine for the mini-grids of 4 fishermen villages on the Mauritanian cost north of the capital Nouakchott.

The project objective is to optimize the existing mini-grids in Mauritania by increasing the share of renewable energy and developing appropriate business models to ensure sustainability of the systems.  The project is aligned with the Mauritanian government’s effort to promote energy access and clean energies and with the country’s poverty reduction strategy.

The abundant wind resources on the Mauritanian coast defined the choice for a large wind component in the power mix: a total of 11 XANT M turbines will be installed spread out over 4 villages. Combined with energy storage and diesel back-up they will provide 24/7 reliable power and minimize fuel consumption.     


The XANT M can take the heat

This project will again push the limits of the XANT technology. The extremely high ambient temperatures of up to 50deg C challenge the thermal designers of all power train components. The winds coming from the Atlantic contain salt particles that accelerate corrosion while the winds coming from the Sahara contain sand particles that accelerate erosion. All these effects combined make for one of the harshest environments to put up a wind turbine. The XANT design team has extensively studied for the impact of these conditions and in a rare atmosphere of collegiality even discussed them with competitors. Together with our trusted suppliers we have come up with best-of-class solutions.

Partnering with the locals

Doing business “glocally” requires global presence and local anchoring. XANT will always team up with a local contractor to handle to local content of the project: in-country logistics, foundations (yes, that “anchoring” can be interpreted literally), and grid connection. As usual XANT will provide training for local technicians to educate them in the operation and maintenance of the XANT turbines.

Getting complex projects done away from home requires adapting to the local business culture.  Our Mauritanian partner not only provides technology but also acts as the essential “translator” of western practices into local customs.

XANT was started with the mission to bring reliable and performant wind power technology to the most remote corners of the world. With this challenging project XANT will have installed turbines in all continents of this globe and in the most demanding ambient conditions: from the strong, wet winds in northern Scotland to the humid trade winds in the Pacific, from the extreme cold in Alaska to the scorching heat of the Saharan dessert.


About XANT:

XANT is a manufacturer of midsize (50…500kW) turbines for the microgrid and off-grid markets. XANT turbines are designed with microgrid applications in mind and a with a special focus on remote areas and harsh operating conditions. They have Just Enough Essential Parts (JEEP!), fit in 40ft containers and can be erected without a crane. For deployment in typhoon-prone areas the turbines can be lowered to the ground, also facilitating the maintenance. XANT turbines have the capability of active power curtailment and can be equipped with integrated energy storage to allow for a high penetration rates.

The extreme simplicity, easy maintenance, silent operation and low cost of ownership make XANT turbines ideally suited for wind power on remote locations and close to the consumer.

The XANT product portfolio consist of the XANT M (100kW) and the XANT L (330kW) – commercially available in 2019-  platforms. Both turbine types exist in class Ia (average wind speeds up to 10m/s) and class IIIa (7.5m/s) executions; for extremely cold areas ETR (Extended Temperature Range) versions are available.