Facilitating Sustainable Farming

Green power for your greens, milk and eggs

Wind matches the agricultural load

This XANT clients runs a poultry hatchery in West-Flanders. Poultry hatcheries produce most of the eggs consumed in the developed world.  The chicks are bred at controlled room temperature and continuous ventilation, and hence hatcheries consume a lot of electricity. To run their farm in the most sustainable way, the owners have decided to invest in a XANT wind turbine.

The XANT M-24 is ideally suited for the wind regime in the site. The semi-agricultural/industrial character of the surroundings make the turbine blend in very well. The XANT M turbine will provide up to 80% of their electricity needs when they need it most: in the colder fall and winter months when the heating need (with heat pumps) is the highest.


A longstanding tradition of providing power to the farmers

The great-grandfather XANT’s founder was a blacksmith taking care of the hooves of the workhorses of farmers.

XANT is essentially continuing this tradition by providing farmers clean and cheap electricity to power their processes.

The electrification of industry was not limited to manufacturing or processing but has also revolutionized the farming business.

And the best is yet to come with future tractors running on batteries or hydrogen!




In for the long run

Farmers are attached to their land and welcome different means of harvesting from nature. A lot of farms and agricultural businesses are family-owned with often the third or fourth generation at the helm. Their time horizon of doing business and against which they evaluate their investments is not expressed in quarters but more often in decades. The fact that the XANT turbines are designed for a 20-year lifetime matches that vision.

About XANT:

XANT is a manufacturer of midsize (50…500kW) turbines for the microgrid and off-grid markets. XANT turbines are designed with microgrid applications in mind and a with a special focus on remote areas and harsh operating conditions. They have Just Enough Essential Parts (JEEP!), fit in 40ft containers and can be erected without a crane. For deployment in typhoon-prone areas the turbines can be lowered to the ground, also facilitating the maintenance. XANT turbines have the capability of active power curtailment and can be equipped with integrated energy storage to allow for a high penetration rate.

The extreme simplicity, easy maintenance, silent operation and low cost of ownership make XANT turbines ideally suited for wind power on remote locations and close to the consumer.  The XANT product portfolio consist of the XANT M (100kW) and the XANT L (330kW) – commercially available in 2020- platforms. Both turbine types exist in class Ia (average wind speeds up to 10m/s) and class IIIa (7.5m/s) executions; for extremely cold areas ETR (Extended Temperature Range) versions are available.