Learn How to Become a XANT Dealer

XANT is currently adding partners to its dealer network to sell, install, and service its turbine product lines.

The current XANT business models sets forth a specific relationship with our dealers. We are not a dealer, nor are we a developer. XANT is a plug and play mid-size wind turbine producer seeking a win-win with our sales and after-sales partner.

We offer:

  • Aggressive dealer pricing.
  • Strong, consistent customer service.
  • Product & installation training.
  • Effective educational / sales & marketing tools.
  • Advanced SCADA system for remote monitoring and analysis.
  • Innovative product offerings.

XANT Wind Turbines

The XANT wind turbine product portfolio consist of the XANT M (100kW platform) and the XANT L (330kW platform). Both models are available in IEC class I and class III versions (for average wind speeds up to 10m/s and 7.5m/s).

A XANT M class IV (average wind speeds up to 6m/s) is under development.

Further specifications include:
  • IEC-certified wind turbine designs (DNV-GL and TÜV-SÜD).
  • No headaches thanks to the JEEP (Just Enough Essential Parts) principle.
  • Easy transport: all components fit in a 40-foot container.
  • Easy installation: crane-less erection with a tilt-up tower, concrete-less foundations if soil conditions permit.
  • Silent operation thanks to advanced aerodynamics and a low blade-tip speed.
  • 2-year Limited Warranty standard, 5-year Limited Warranty upon request.

Dealer Responsibilities:

  • Wind Assessments.
  • Site Assessments.
  • Installation /Installation Management.
  • Turbine Service.
  • Turbine Warranty Work.

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Choosing the turbine that’s right for you is easy as

1. Tell us where you want to put it
2. Tell us how much electricity you use
3. Tell us how much you pay for it.

The XANT turbine-selection wizard will tell you what turbine you need and how quickly it will pay for itself!


At XANT we like to stick to what we know and team up with the best for the rest. Tell us about your microgrid or off-grid project and let’s create a win-win by having permitting, balance-of-plant, installation and maintenance handled by you!
XANT is continuously looking for partners with a proven track record in wind turbine installation and maintenance.


We prefer to learn people how to fish, rather than selling them fish. Learn how to assembly, install and maintain a XANT turbine.
Register for the XANT ACADEMY and find out how easy it really is.
XANT will train you on how to install, operate and maintain your turbine at your site.

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