Tilt up of XANT M

XANT wind turbines can be erected without a crane, effectively halving the installation costs when compared to bringing a crane on-site. XANT tilt-up towers need only 5 smaller foundations and can even be concrete-less if cement is hard to get by. The XANT M-21 can be tilted down to withstand CAT4 and CAT5 hurricanes and becomes a grid-forming unit in combination with batteries.

Singapore's largest wind turbine built on Semakau Island

XANT is proud to be part of the REIDS micro-grid demonstrator along with NTU, ENGIE and Schneider.

The XANT M with tilt-up tower is the first wind turbine in Singapore: a lighthouse project for future micro-grid developments in SE Asia.

XANT M at DEME, Belgium

DEME is a leading player in dredging, environmental and maritime engineering with a global presence. DEME's continuous quest for doing business in the most sustainable way has led to the installation of a XANT M wind turbine at their headquarters in Antwerp, Belgium. The XANT wind turbine provides up to 20 % of the site electricity consumption and reduces the utility bill with 10%.

XANT M Power Curtailment

Video illustrating the XANT M power curtailment capability: smooth ramp-down (and ramp-up) of the output down to 10% of rated without the need for a pitch system or dump load.

XANT M in operation on Efate Island, Vanuatu

Listen to the XANT M in operation on Efate island, Vanuatu: birds chirping instead of blades swishing. The older turbine on the left had to be shut down because of noise restrictions.

Fly-by of the XANT M – Pilot Point, Alaska

Fly-by of the XANT M wind turbines at Pilot Point, Alaska. The second turbine is in tilt-down position.


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